Cerec Technology

CEREC is an acronym that stands for:

Dr. Juveria can create your own cosmetic dentistry restorations during a single office visit by following a few simple steps:

Preparation and examination

Dr. Juveria will examine your mouth and determine the appropriate treatment for the dental problems you are experiencing. After you have received the appropriate anesthetic for your treatment, your tooth is prepared for the dental procedure. This step is the same as for many other dental treatments.

Creation of dental restoration

The CEREC three-dimensional (3D) computer program obtains a digital image of the tooth and makes a 3D virtual replica of it. Dr. Juveria then uses her experienced dental artistry to design your dental restoration using the CEREC 3D software, in which he is specially trained in using. The design data he creates is sent to a separate milling device right in our office. A natural tooth-colored ceramic block that matches your individual tooth shade is positioned in the milling machine, where the design program then creates the exact tooth restoration that Dr. Juveria have designed. In only 10 to 20 minutes, your all-ceramic, color-matched restoration is complete and ready to be bonded onto your existing tooth.


Dr. Juveria ensure an exact fit, and after the restoration has been polished, it is bonded to your tooth.


The condition of a person’s teeth affects the way they smile, talk, and eat. During regular dental treatments, patients are often fitted with a temporary crown while they wait for a laboratory to manufacture their customized prosthetic. The end result is a patient who has to be very careful when speaking or talking. Failing to do so could lead to the temporary crown being damaged.
With same-day prosthetics, the patient gets a permanent prosthetic that fits perfectly in their mouth.

Scheduling multiple dental appointments and getting temporary devices costs money. There is the money the patient spends on the wasteful temporary prosthetic and extra dental appointments, then, there is the money lost by taking time off work or other sources of income.

Temporary crowns are typically made out of a combination of materials and these rarely ever fit properly. That makes them somewhat uncomfortable. With CEREC, dental prosthetics are made out of a single block of raw material like ceramic or porcelain. That leads to a structurally uniform and stronger prosthetic.
CEREC-made products are not only more durable than temporary devices, they are also stronger and better customized than the products made in laboratories.

Given the poor fit that is often associated with temporary prosthetics, the newly-repaired tooth remains susceptible to decay and further damage until the permanent device is installed. With CEREC, a tooth is protected immediately after being restored. That improves the odds of success of procedures like root canals. Getting fitted with a customized prosthetic that provides immediate dentinal sealing also reduces the tooth sensitivity that is often associated with such treatments.

CEREC utilizes computer-aided manufacturing and computer-assisted design to create prosthetics while the patient waits in the dental chair. It uses digital imaging to create a 3D impression of the person’s teeth.
CEREC technology also allows dentists to create detailed projections of what the patient’s mouth will look like when the device is installed. This makes it easier for the dentist and patient to match the color of the crown with the color of the patient’s natural teeth.

If you are a very busy person, multiple visits to a dentist for a dental prosthetic are the last thing you want. Same day CEREC® crowns make the process of getting dental devices less complicated and a lot easier to fit into your busy routine. Less time spent on dental appointment equals more money in your pockets.

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